Hanging With Jimmy Shubert (07-06-12)

Jimmy Shubert Interview

Jimmy Shubert Will Be Stopping By!

This Thursday night, July 5th, at 12:15 AM PST (technically Friday morning), Mr. Jimmy Shubert will be on the show.

He did a really extensive interview on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, so instead of rehashing stuff he’s already talked about, I’m going to see what kind of good stories he has, riff with him on current events, and generally shoot the shit.

If you’ve ever wanted to hang with a great comedian and ask questions, make sure to grab a seat in the chat room.

You won’t want to miss this, so get some good questions ready bitches!

See ya Thursday night,


P.S.  Check out Jimmy’s website – Jimmy Shubert

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Junie Browning

The first guest on the Zach Waldman Show was pro MMA fighter Junie Browning.  You can watch the complete interview below!